Visual Science was founded by visual artist Maja Friis and producer Sofie M√łnster in 2021.

With a background in creative documentary as a director and editor Majas artistic niche combines visual storytelling, nature observations and video installation. Her creative work has been shown in cinemas, on television, at various art and cultural institutions and film festivals. Maja has a Master in Filmstudies.

Sofie has 15 years of experience in cultural production, strategic development and communication. She holds a master's degree in Dramaturgy and Cultural Communication.

We develop our projects in close collaboration with our creative team: AV-installations and scenography Morten Just. Composer and sound designer Martin Dirkov. Researcher and text author Pernille Kaufmann.

Visual Science co-operates with a wide range of scientists, artists and consultants, providing us with the expertise and flexibility to match the current project.